Need a Stronger Word Than F@ck!!!

It is called action. Ok, prepare yourself, I am about to go off on a tangent:
How images are formed from verbal interaction and then meaning is created, is a concept I have studied underneath studying everything else I had to in school.

One can see this importance of assigning meaning to words stretching as far back as Aristotle, when he “roughly” discovered what we now call the scientific method. He just applied it to everything, all facets of reality, in a work called “Categories,” where he glorified breaking things into their parts….the object of itself vs the object for itself.

This concept led western intellectual thinking for the next 2100 years, UNTIL, ROUGHLY, MODERN DAY, when writers like Wittgenstein, Heidegger, and Derrida, really examined what categorizing people/cultures/societies/ideas really does.  

Roughly, and broadly, there was an acceptance that by breaking things into their parts, it naturally/implicitly created an Other….created bias that was implicit, not knowingly recognized.

To break free of this fearful state and implicit bias that was found to even be attached to our words, philosophers like Wittgenstein, and even writers like Orwell, saw the importance of words. Think of certain words that naturally have a positive or a negative attached to them. Why is that?

It roughly comes down to that old saying, “Just because we can, should we?” Wittgenstein famously remarked, “That which cannot be spoken must be passed over in silence.” Now, he was not saying do not talk because everything is relative….he was commenting, like this meme refers, that words are so important that we should only use them when ACTION does not suffice.

Orwell comments that double speak actually dumbs down the populace by creating too much vagueness in communicating. And if modern times have demonstrated anything it is that anyone can argue any point, whether factual or opinion based, on any of the mediums of social media.

What I have noticed is that action cannot be misinterpreted. Just like the universal emotions we show on our face, action works much the same way……you cannot mistake coming up and smacking me as hard as you can in the face, it serves a very specific purpose, just like other actions, I argue, cannot be misinterpreted.  
I guess the point of this diatribe is that if you need a stronger word, show people whether they please you or not, and obviously with kindness and respect. Make it a game to see how you can impress yourself with your creativeness.
  Just a thought. Thoughts?


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