Without Media Assignment

Time spent without media was not that troublesome. During this duration of no media for twelve hours, a trip to Ohio on Saturday, April 31st, 2016, to move one of my buddies was conducted. It was relatively easy to put away all media, since I was driving and the only media that I could focus in on was the radio, which was not turned on; or my buddy, whose brain I picked insistently.

Conversations were conducted that ranged from human pre-cognition, space as information, the dragon-origin mythos, the militarization of the police force, language as a symbol for Reality, and of course media itself in the forms of movies, books, a monuments transition to propaganda, and Hallucinogenic experiences. While this was commencing the thought occurred whether this assignment could be accomplished with another person around, since they could be considered media as well. This experience was not difficult and did continue for twelve hours before we ran out of things to talk about and put the music back on, proud and smug in our accomplishments.

This process also revealed that nothing was missed the most or the least, but just focusing on the moment was the equivalent of finding immense joy through the camaraderie that was being formed. Based on this experience it is apparent that media plays multiple roles in someone’s life: the first being a discussion topic, followed by a filler topic to continue the discussion or make a point, third is even using what you see or hear in media to enact a real situation in life because you already know the outcome and is therefore familiar and perhaps comical/dramatic/etc., and finally media played the basic role of entertaining when nothing could be discussed and Reality did not want to be fully involved.


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