Leveling Out Media Costs on Consumers; The People’s Bundle

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had the People’s Eyebrow and the People’s Elbow, and now I believe it is time to introduce a new concept to level out the Internet and Cable costs normally assigned to the consumer.

There is a term floating around certain circles making the claim the “Print is Dead.”  In some respects this is absolutely true, in others it couldn’t be more wrong.  But not to get sucked into that debate, I’m just going to acknowledge that it is there and move on with my crazy argument, and that I hope Bernie Sanders hears about and will endorse this idea.

Before we go on with the argument, though, there is a term that everyone needs to be familiar with: POSITIONING.  This seems like an innocent term or concept, but in the media/mass comm/advertising world, it has specific, and possibly diabolical, meaning.  Positioning is  where brand is positioned IN THE MIND OF THE CONSUMER.  Now this is not some hokey, magical, conspiracy stuff going on here.

This is countless hours and vast fortunes going into researching how to best position a message into the mind of the consumer to get the best long-term effect.  Firstly, it’s concept is based on product and services, and so on positioning of competitors.  Secondly, positioning is used in advertising a newly created product designed to meet unmet consumer needs and to advance pre-existing technologies.  Thirdly, positioning is used to help determine your emotional/rational roller coaster ride; i.e.  if a company can buy so much time in your head they can help predict the odds you will choose their product or do what is being offered.

Advertisers can event help determine career positions; “Talking up STEM, Farmers, military,” “Talking down X,Y,Z”; you won’t be happy as an artist, you need to choose STEM—Old Navy/GAP t-shirt;

“Start here work there;” medical field slogan– no guarantee/partnership, only interning and not full time paid job, just use the student for the volunteer hours, but no guarantee of job afterwards, use successful people in the neighborhood that live in neighborhood whole life for advertisements, but get job because they went to nursing school at local hospital, know everyone before starting, and then hospital and school advertise if you “start here, you can work there,” but not so if you did not grow up there.  In other words positioning not only brands consumables, but also positions brands your in life and making it appear as if 1) it was your choice to get the product, 2) gives the appearance of choice.

So, positioning, taking up time in the minds of every consumer, should be accounted for, and even more importantly should be accounted for the benefit of the consumer; hence the People’s Bundle.

When a consumer, YOU, buy a television, smartphone, or iPad type device, the services currently available are all separate, highly-competitive, paid-for services who turn people into targets and profits. (Cable, Internet, HD, replay/recording services)  But we can’t forget about positioning people.  The fact that companies, due to creative advertising, are getting free air time in our heads and not paying for it.

What I call for is nothing less than revolutionary, a cry against the detested status quo.

Bundling has a history, and not just in the media sector, but also the finance and real estate sector.

Bundling brought down the real estate bubble.  Because of greed/addiction to gambling/to societal acceptance that this was ok; even going so far as a societal redistribution of what value means on a societal and linguistical level.

Advertising is a billion/trillion dollar industry, propping up the whole sales and service economy of the United States.  Much of this money goes into Research and Development, pockets and bad business investments.  All producing so much data that the algorithms we create are good at dechipering the data but they are still overwhelmed producing irregular results.  There needs to be a reorientation/shift away from data mining/collection as being the hottest topic and highest paid field toward forcing the advertisers to pay the people for the business/industry involutary research and positioning done to and on the people and everyday consumers.

Because media uses data mining/data collection/myth creating techniques to position information in your mind, i.e. “buying airspace” in your head, then they should be held liable to the people/consumer for which they target and position.

There are organizations, like Neilsen, that are hoarders of information, digital or otherwise.  There are others who use this information collected to see real knowledge about the world they situationally find themselves in; the situational discourse community.

But what I am offering is nothing short of a checks and balances, much like the lawmakers did against the tobacco companies targeting and positioning in their advertisements.  A checks and balances to force better business ethic, though all along great business ethic is what should have been the inherent choice.

In conclusion, and in summary, because there is deliberate positioning of products and services in the minds of everyday people/consumers in the United States, I am proposing a change in how people obtain Internet, Cable, HD, and other services.

Upon purchase of a product, for example Television, smartphone, gaming console, computer, or iPad type device, there should be some inherent services (Internet, Cable, HD) that come with the device, and should not be paid for by the consumer, individually and preyed upon by industries using a Vertical Organizational model and who care nothing except profit.

Those services could be competed for by companies applied at purchase of the device, but, overall, this method will return customer value to vertical organizational methods.

And, mind you, this package will forever be know as: “The People’s Bundle.”  Where you pay for a product, and they pay you for the services.

Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb, Donald Trump, Ron/Rand Paul: just in case you were monitoring.


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