Tips for Civil Disobedience

1. Shoes, Tied tight; good ankle support for urban flight

2. Googles/Glasses/face mask that protects from baton hits or pepper spray

3. Ear plugs in anticipation for sonic weapons   (Could be used in nostrils to keep out sprays)

4. Protection from and use of non-lethals: use of stink bombs, bags with clothes in them to protect from baton strikes (if sonic weapons are used does that give the people the right to use Molotov cocktails?)

5. Hoody, Pants, Belt

6. Do no carry identification, never talk if caught

7. “They” think/run/patrol like wolves.  You either need to organize or operate like highly intelligent prey, or be a whole new breed of predator

8. Learn counter-Intel operations

9.  Non-verbal non-radio communication for operations

10. Know your rights, Know Libel vs Slander, Know Recording Laws, Know states with Shield Laws, know Miranda Rights

11. Know the entire police procedure; from reading rights to booking to cell rights

12. Professional sit-in, demonstration, riot groups???

This is a message that will grow, with the help of comments as well, of how to be prepared for Civilan Misconduct within an urban setting/environment.  Use the video from Macomb, Il’s Wheeler Block Party being broken up by police as a template for how future police actions will occur against the populace.

(Wheeler Block party videos):


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