Revolutionizing Urban Travel

Urban travel, globally, can be arguably congested, dirty and unhealthy.  No matter the city, once humans are involved, especially in mass scale, we rape the natural resources while dumping our waste as we see fit.

Traveling around an urban environment needs to be more clean, safe, but just as quick, and without the congestion that accompanies modern roadways. A shift away from burning petroleum in gas guzzling cars/trucks/SUVs, individual modes of transportation that use a combustion engine; toward either electric/solar, hydrogen, or gravity and a   pulley system.

This video demonstrates a zip-line roller coaster:

If someone could implement this technology in an urban environment, then getting to work and around cities, with the help of either already being up high or going to an building that can be turned into a “metro type” platform, would be clean (electric/solar and gravity), safe, quick and doubtfully congested, once the logistics are fine tuned.


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