What the name means

Phenawecellentasticalfulness is a moment in time, a physical connection to the present.  Gottfried Leibniz once wrote about a theoretical scientific concept that is attempting to be proven today, the Monad. The moment where non-physical matter becomes physical matter.  Well, in the tradition of Leibniz, Phenawecellentasticalfulness is a moment were linguistics and society merge, and form an understanding of what is being said or perceived in a linguistical manner.

Some people can act without thinking, for many others they put their actions or reactions into a linguistical manner; a semiotic understanding of verbal alchemy; verbal and non-verbal language.

Simply, this term represents a moment in time where and when linguistical comprehension takes place.  Where someone “gets” what is going on in a semiotic way.  Mind you no action has to take place, yet an understanding is occurring where no action is an action, all is vibration, and this understanding right now is exactly what this guy is talking about.


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