Contractual Revolution

After careful analysis of the language of contracts, and the intimate experience of always being on the receiving end of the terms of agreements and inherent stipulations of being a leasee and not a lessor for decades, it is safe to say that the average person is exponentially legally and ethically underhanded by the system that is set up to legally and ethically take advantage of the average person.

The term average person exhibits a no to little celebrity status, those unfamiliar with legalese, and are not included in the “boys clubs” that run rampant in politics, industry, academia, and the military.

If there was not a hidden agenda going on within this military-industrial-educational complex, why is there such a feeling of vulnerability to authority? Where is the oversight and transparency that is supposed to accompany the ethical practice of being a celebrity, of interacting with the public in such a way that your interactions should be overseen and transparent?

Those with this celebrity status should not be able to take advantage of people, be the only ones protected by this contractual understanding, or protected just because the position of authority grants certain supposed rights and protections.  People, for example the leasee, should carry just as many rights over those who do politics, business, education, or military action in their name, but also transparency and oversight.

Also, a closing of the loopholes that those who create the contracts use to purposefully take advantage of people needs to occur, and a way to make sure puffery is not used to sell an item or fraud is not occurring on such a mass scale, contractual agreements should be implemented just as firmly for the people as those who hold the celebrity status.

Average people who do not hold the celebrity status should have a contract with the authoritative that is as secure in court as those who use contracts currently have; people will be oppressed legally and ethically, and the authorities in this world will not be held accountable if this continues.


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